Paperplane Productions

Brain Stem, Live Practice Tracks

This is volume 1 of a brand new type of music practice tool.

These tracks are designed to give you the experience of playing with a quality live band behind you. The songs are constructed with different sections, feel changes and varying dynamics, just like most modern music. There are no lead instruments or vocals, giving you lots of room to play. You can not only practice your parts, but you can develop your use of dynamics and space. In contrast to other practice albums, Brain Stem Volume 1 includes a variety of genres, which is more consistent with the real life role of a professional musician.

The tracks were recorded by a top engineer and written and performed by three highly regarded musicians. The album comes with a booklet that includes practice tips for each song. Sometimes it's hard to know how to improve, so these tips will help you try new scale and mode ideas to expand your playing. As an additional feature, you can download chord charts for the whole album below.

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Download the chord charts here
(right click and select download file)